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So after we gave ourselves the challenge, we decided to recycle a lamp that was no longer useable due to fire hazard as our stand. We took the existing light out and strung our owl light through, and WALA! Our new owl lamp! (that doesn’t need to hang from the ceiling) Happy TGIF we will be working on building a garage/work shop this weekend!


So we have this owl lamp that Matthew’s Mom got us at a garage sale. Some may say I have a problem and a weak spot when it comes to collecting owls (I have over 200 of them). Well anyways, we have so many hanging lights and cannot find a perfect home for this owl to nest.  This is our mission today. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!


Matthew and I had an old fan I bought from an antique store that did not work and was too scruffy to even display. With a little bit of creativity and spray paint, Matthew built this lamp and turned something old into something new with a modern-eco flare! Go green! 

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