We are Matthew and Rochelle. We met December 2008 and fell in-love quite quickly. Outsiders say we may have moved “too fast”. Too fast maybe, but when everything falls into place so right, like pieces of a puzzle, you can’t really fight it. Bonnie and Clyde, Sid and Nancy or Romeo and Juliet- Matthew and Rochelle. We both loved art and all kinds of it.

Fast forward. 3 months later. The economy was falling apart. Houses around us were being foreclosed left and right. My mom is an avid house hunter, not really to buy but always looking at the Market. She pointed out a foreclosed house that was only $21,900, one town away in the small town of Kalkaska, MI. My lease from my townhouse would be up in March so I figured it was worth a shot to go see this place. To my surprise the house looked pretty big. Two stories, 3 bedrooms, a dining room, medium sized kitchen, living room and a Michigan basement. There was no flooring, drop ceilings (yuck) and the place was a garbage pit. For some reason, I instantly said “I’ll take it!” Soon we were the proud owners of a $21,900 dump.

The first month was crazy. We put in Pergo flooring all downstairs, painted every room floor to ceiling and worked from morning to midnight until the place was good enough for us to move in.

I have always been inspired by vintage, retro, unique decor and Matt quickly developed a passion for it too. Sites like Apartment therapy, Design Sponge, and Readymade have inspired us greatly. We spend most weekends antiqueing or yard saleing looking for that perfect cheap find.

We are in our mid-twenties and we are on a very tight budget. We have learned that we can have the house we want, by learning to secondhand shop and refurbish old things to make them new. We like doing this too because its cheap and environmentally sound. This is where Pine St. Pieces originates. We want to continue making furniture and housewares all from old things, and making them new! Hope you enjoy, please inquire if you would like a custom piece made or if you would like to purchase anything you see on this site. A website is in the making, but until then please don’t be afraid to ask!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rochelle and Matthew