Picked up this awesome knick-nack shelf at a yard sale for $2. Took it apart and used vintage fabric (also from a yard sale) to cover the ugly pattern it had previously. WA-LA! A new home for my owls to nest. Total cost of project $2.50.



Spent all day in the yard yesterday. We put an old door that we grabbed from the dumpster to good use. Bought the flower pots from a yard sale and now we have a great place to grow herbs for Matthew’s tasty home cooked meals! Total cost of Project $2.

To: Kat
From: Matthew and Rochelle
Custom Cat Bed Made from Vintage Suit Case. Matt constructed and I sewed! 


Look he likes it! Photo borrowed from Laramie Bates



A weekend of hammering nails our 12×12 workshop frame is complete! Now all that needs to be done is siding and roofing and we will finally have a place to work on our many endeavors! Cant wait!

Matt and I are avid collectors. My sister says soon we will be featured on that show  hoarders. I find that to help keep the clutter down and really make your collection shine is all about the way you display it. Below are a few pictures of a few collections that we have. We used our clipboard collection to display our paint by number collection. Shelves are also a collectors best friend. Alternatives to shelves are what we did with some of my owl collection and hung old wooden boxes on the wall to place owls in and on top of. Be creative and let your collection shine! 

Clipboard and Paint by Number Collection

Plastic Deer Vintage Clipboard

Radio Collection

So after we gave ourselves the challenge, we decided to recycle a lamp that was no longer useable due to fire hazard as our stand. We took the existing light out and strung our owl light through, and WALA! Our new owl lamp! (that doesn’t need to hang from the ceiling) Happy TGIF we will be working on building a garage/work shop this weekend!

So we have this owl lamp that Matthew’s Mom got us at a garage sale. Some may say I have a problem and a weak spot when it comes to collecting owls (I have over 200 of them). Well anyways, we have so many hanging lights and cannot find a perfect home for this owl to nest.  This is our mission today. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!


Matthew and I had an old fan I bought from an antique store that did not work and was too scruffy to even display. With a little bit of creativity and spray paint, Matthew built this lamp and turned something old into something new with a modern-eco flare! Go green! 

Pine St Pieces first piece complete! Our first piece of furinture we recycled. I collect old suitcases (among a million other things) and Matthew made me my dream coffee table. We found an old table at good will that we like the legs on for $2 and built this! Perfect storage too!!

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